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Robert Richard Artist/Sculptor

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Sculpture Slideshow
Sculpture Slideshow
A Cognitive theory of Memory Loss, 2018, Mixed Media, 78x78x13cm
A Penny in My Pocket, 2009, Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture, 130x107x15cm
Absolute Threshhold, 2014, Mixed Media, 38x63x7cm
An Antique Land, 2015, Mixed Media Sculpture, 30x45x30cm ,
Benediction, 2016, Mixed Media, 106x27x26cm (9)
Bleeding Cliff, 2009, Mixed Media, 24x11.5x21
Building With Teacup and Tree, 2009, Mixed Media, 16x7x35cm
Cencrastus, 2013, Mixed Media, 19x24x9cm
Coming Of Age, 2014,  Mixed Media, 20x64x15cm
Damned if you do...,2008,Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture,103x130x31
Dante Dog, 2008, Mixed Media,27x22x18cm
Domino Box, 2004Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture, 22x41x12
Domus, 2011, Mixed Media, 20x51x18cm
Edifice, 2010, Mixed Media, 22x13x39cm
Forest, 2008, Mixed Media, 28x10x31cm
Genius Loci, 2016, Mixed Media, 31x31x102cm
Imitation, 2008, Mixed Media, 36x13x36cm
John Wayne on a Saturday Afternoon, 2008, Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture,43x33x13
Locus Of Control, 2014, Mixed Media, 23x87x19cm
Lost Luggage, 1993, Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture, 122x86x30
Monument to a Tiny Empire, 2018, Mixed Media, 38x97x38cm
omphalos, 2008, Mixed Media, 50x62x5cm
Pink Madonna, 2018, Mixed Media, 48x74x14cm
Place of Safety, 2014, Mixed Media, 23x39x23cm
Politics of Politeness,2014,Mixed Media kinetic Sculpture,45x20x13cm
Rappel a l ordure, 2012, Oak and rust 13x26x14cm
Reaching Torso, 2008, 11x31x11cm
Rear End Shunt,2015, Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture, Dimensions Variable
Shooting For The Moon, 2009, Mixed Media, Kinetic Sculpture, 135x193x42
Simmel Dissimilar, 2015, Mixed Media, 22x67x19
Small Torso with Towers, 2009, Mixed Media, 13x18x8cm
Small Torso with Trees, 2009, Mixed Media, 13x18x8cm
Small Torso with Tunnel, 2009, Mixed Media, 13x18x8cm
Small Torso With Windows,2009, Bronze,13x18x8
Social Contract, 2014, Mixed Media, 25x74x25cm
Spiny Torso, 2013, Mixed Media, 13x18x8cm
Tall torso with Windows, 2009, 15x32x13cm
TeacupTorso, 2008,Mixed media,10x31x6cm
The Family Retainer. 2004,Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture, 310x277x95
The Kiss, 2016, Mixed Media, 107x87x14cm
Tipping Tower, 2013,Mixed Media Kinetic Sculpture,64x85x30cm
Torso In Suit, 2009, Mixed Media, 10x18x8cm
Torso on Column, 2009, Mixed Media, 13x52x11cm
Tower With Egg, 2010, Mixed Media, 7x6x26cm
Tower,2014, Mixed Media,23x52x21cm
Walls We Cannot Breach, 2015, 23x71x21cm
Where Do You Go To Surrender, 2008,Burr Elm, 16x56x8.5cm
Wise Mans World No2, 2009, Mixed Media, 15x5x21cm
Wise Mans World, 2008, Mixed Media, 15x4x20cm
Wooden Landscape with Torso, 2010, Wood, 29x21x56cm
Zero Sum, 2011, Mixed Media, 84x13x120cm